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  1. evans I’m not paid anything. I’m just tired of AGW be blamed for everything. Max and Stacy aren’t asking questions. They’re blaming all environmental problems on AGW and I think that’s wrong. You should agree with me even if you believe in AGW, because they’re like the boy who cried wolf. This drought may be caused by AGW, but they offer no proof. Just an assertion.@ andras Are you being sarcastic or just proving my point?

  2. he knows a ton of young Americans who would love to see a rebellion here in the USA; they are extremely discontented with our government and current way of life. Their disappointment with Obama is severe. They feel a great affinity with young Egypt. Ironically, as I type this there’s a guy on MSNBC now saying young Americans wouldn’t understand young Egyptians because here in the USA “they can be anything they want to be.”

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  5. dem Zusammenhang sei nochmals auf unsere wunderbare Ost-Battle verwiesen, die wir vor einiger Zeit mal hier im Blog hatten… In diesem Sinne: schönes

  6. My dad and I were looking at an F4 last weekend. As we ogled it like six year olds, I quipped, “yeah, but its just a Harley.”I am glad I cannot say that any longer.

  7. à´•്à´°ൂരതയുà´Ÿെà´¯ീ à´²ോà´•à´¤്à´¤െ à´¨ോà´•്à´•ി à´’à´¨്à´¨് à´•ാà´°്‍à´•്à´•ിà´š്à´š് à´¤ുà´ª്à´ªുà´•à´¯െà´™്à´•ിà´²ുà´®ാà´µാം…..

  8. Hey Bob,I would love to read that paper on the Red Cross and the Environment. I will google around.We have to take better care for our environment, whether we use climate change as a rallying call or not. It is depressing reading and thinking about Stockholm, Rio, etc..and then having John Key suggest"progress" has been made at Copenhagen.At the weekend I visited your old haunt at Outward Bound, the trees there are growing well and the kahikatea grove with the high ropes course is a special place.Take careJamie

  9. sep06Paulina Como dice Alexis el bono del termino es para utilizar de alguna firma los día de huelga no es un beneficio , los demás puntos q se piden son los concretos y que pueden perdurar . Tenemos que estar todos unidos hasta el final ,Yo también soy jefe de hogar pero, también quiero exigir lo que vale mi trabajo (la labor de cada dia)y lo que pedimos no es nada de lo que la empresa no pueda entregar , dinero hay . Huelga es lo mejor !! Y seamos positivos pensando que vamos a conseguir mucho . Colegas unidos hasta el final !!

  10. Looking at the way warfare has developed over the last few decades, its reached a point were it has lasting impact on the environment. The proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world holds one of the greatest threats to the environmental ecosystem. The examples in the article prove that we need to find a way to analyze the effects of war and prevent harm to our-self’s.

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  12. Very informative and useful blog. I read the “Purush Janma Tujhi Kahani”…laughed a lot. Mahendra ji, I have composed a lot of music. You are a fan of Indira Sant. I read it. Presently I am working on her poems. I will let you know when it completes.

  13. I spoke bad words behind them.But I didn’t say anything,I was very sad.I told myself trust your ownself and everything will be ok.Before we graduated, my best friends apologized to me.They said they misunderstood to me.After that,we get better until now.

  14. conexaoparis disse:GiseleFinal do ano é muito frio e não aconselho passar na rua. A tradição de reveillon na rua é para climas quentes. Melhor reservar um restaurante, uma discoteca, ver um espetáculo. Todos os anos dou várias dicas. Leia as que publiquei para os reveillons passados.Este bairro é simpático e chic. O lugar é bom. Um pouco afastado dos grandes pontos turísticos, mas com o metro chega fácilMeu guia você compra clicando na foto do guia no alto da página.

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  16. olá bom tenho uma amiga q teve esse mesmo problema que voçe só porque o foi diagnosticado que o problema dela éra que a menstrução erá irregular voce deve ir ao medico ele te dira oque voce tem espero ter ajudado

  17. Attention, tu vas attraper levirus du triple effort !!!!! Tu verras, tu as raison de ne pas avoir “peur” de la distance découverte, mais tu as raison de ne pas bruler les étapes. Tu passeras vite aux distances supérieures, tant tu vas adorer !!! Bonne préparation !!!

  18. LG · Fantastic job!! The one thing I've learned about hills and mountains is that the scenery at the top is usually so breathtaking it makes it all worthwhile and the body quickly forgets the agony of getting there.

  19. There are two objects people get really, really mad about if they think it has been “desecrated”. One is the quran, the other is the flag of the US. I wish? those people cared as much about actual human beings.

  20. Buffet lines are also dreaded by me for the same reason, I’m so lucky I haven’t dumped my plate on the ground yet. Thw wallet I’m with, if you check me out on youtube I actually did a video yesterday on handling my wallet

  21. No nyt osuu niin kohdilleen, että pitää röyhkeästi tuoda esiin omaa tuotantoa 😉 Jos siis nuortenkirjoja saa myös ehdotella…Eli Anu Holopaisen Syysmaa-sarja sopii jo nimenkin mukaisesti syksyyn.

  22. I Am Going To have to come back again when my course load lets up – however I am taking your Rss feed so i could go through your internet site offline. Thanks.

  23. Ole1 Patricia, oue7o a lumen sempre e comee7ei a pasrter mais a atene7e3o no vozes do Brasil, uma pq adoro musicas Brasileiras Ainda ne3o tive oportunidade de ler os livros, mas sere1 o meu prf3ximo feito hehe.E, vocea e9 uma pessoa que nos repassa de uma forma bem bacana, e desperta uma curiosidade sobre vozes do Brasil.Um grande abrae7o. Mais uma nova fe3 sua =)NamasteaT4L1

  24. Joice Lima comentou em 26 de maio de 2011 às 18:37. Julia!!!! Que make MARAVILHOSA!!!!Amei!!! Perfeita!!!!!Vc acha que esse tipo de make, inclusive com o batom Gaga II, fica bem em peles morenas?Obrigada!!!! Bjos!!!!!

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  27. It looks like all the Europeans from the AC reference populations who filled out their ancestry info are screwed. 23andMe will mostly paint their chromosomes whatever they scribbled on the form.But all those too lazy to fill out the forms are getting pretty good results that line up with a lot of the other local ancestry analyses.

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  29. Intersting list. But the following are MIA from this list and really should be on it somewhere: Cream/Eric Clapton/Yardbirds, Moody Blues, Hollies, Yes. Also, how is it possible for the Jam to be 3 positions behind JMC? Makes no sense.

  30. Bonjour et bravo pour votre blog informé.Nous autres surfeurs helvètiques enrageons tous les jours en constatant les différences de prix avec le reste de l’Europe. Mais au pays des vaches à lait, ça doit être constitutif de notre identité nationale.Cela dit, Vevey a été une des premières communes suisses à mettre à disposition gratuitement une borne wifi située sur sa place au bord du lac (non loin, sauf erreur de votre hôtel). Ce temps béni serait-il caduque ? swisscom était-il le seul réseau disponible ?

  31. In my opinion, Carrizo is almost always River’s best player, even in those ‘comfortable’ home wins. River’s defending is so haphazard that if not for his heroics, they could easily concede 3 goals a game, no matter the opponent. Anyway, this is a great result. It’s starting to look as if last year’s Libertadores nightmare will not be repeating itself.

  32. I agree with most of the reasons those are some of the reasons why I stoped using ubuntu. However on the last paragraph you say ” But can you use Chrome under Linux? Not yet” it is not quite true, there is a unofficial package (pre-packaged, no need to compile anything) that can be used to install chrome in the most popular distros, for over a month.

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  35. Dammit, he didn't identify me as a "person of interest". Why doesn't he have the guts to come out and accuse me of being the forger? Is he afraid of me after I punked him so badly last time he wrote about me? Is he scared I'll trick him into publishing another false story like I did once already? WTF is wrong with that dude? He looks drunk in the video.

  36. Ooooh! Definitely picking up Get This Party Started!! Looove the trio and already have outfits in mind! lol!! My booty shakin’ songs would include Lose Control by Missy Elliott, Drop It Low by Ester Dean and Whine Up by Kat Deluna. My boys and I have random ‘dance it out’ moments. I love how they don’t care where we are and will bust out dancing…at least for now.

  37. Edward, I’m glad you started in with the action. You’ve built up suspense nicely with the into and now I feel it’s time to start sinking in, as it were.If the writing is to be 350 words, I think that’s possible with a leaner more action post.I do agree with toadhjo. Slightly longer posts that get all the information out, along with the action, is worth it—by my calculation.

  38. I wonder how much difference there really is between emotional needs of men and women in friendship. I suspect that in many cases it is not as drastic as many people think. I believe that both men and women have a need to know and be known. I know that there are books like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. But I don’t think that it fits as many people as the author would have you believe.

  39. The MSM reported that the Clinton campaign was spreading stories that questioned Obama's eligibility back in 2008. I don't understand why Corsi and Viviano are acting like this is new information.The WND story also makes four accusations of wrongdoing by the Obama campaign. All four are about the caucus process. AZ is a primary state so sheriff Arpao is going to investigate possible crimes that did not occur in AZ? It sounds like a publicity gimmick.

  40. Lemon is always one of the most refreshing tastes for desserts. And lemon bars have long been a popular dessert choice. But here we offer something a little different than the usual lemon bars. Give this recipe for Chewy Lemon Nut Bars a try. These bars have oats in the crust giving them their chewy texture and chopped pecans give crunch. A great combination for the creamy lemon center.

  41. to promote. Equally conservatism has been placed on its head.I am curious how Auster would respond to a “some” blacks, “some” whites, “some” jews response. Does the pretext insulate you from Auster’s infamous anti-semite label?

  42. hmm,klingt interessant…aber das klingt grad so ein bisschen wie variation der selbsthypnose(zumindest scheint die wirkung gleich zusein) kann das sein oder vertu ich mich da?

  43. Stumbled here and would like to receive comments… Am looking for a doctoral program on Pentecostal, Charismatic studies… that’s where my interests lie… this blog may fit the bill…

  44. Hi Karen! Most people stay away from anything controversial in fear of not being criticized themselves. The reason I write some controversy is simply to learn. Anyway, I feel great today!

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  46. WARNING! I’ve seen some of the Fried Rice King staff hanging out at Giddens Dog Park looking for unattended pooches. Don’t let your dog be the next “pork” lo mein special!

  47. uh, doesn’t mean you need to include it in your video even if the song talks about it, nor is it really necessary to call someone a “douchebag” for asking why you included something so graphic in your video.

  48. Hi,Congratulations!!, Is there any question pattern?; Any info on distribution of questions like X% of question on one topic, Y% on another topic, Z% on certain topic.. please do let me know

  49. Jack on What freaked me out the most was that the used (and now-defunct) cassette/vinyl/CD place I’ve been going to since the 80′s and 90′s was actually Club Blue Note.

  50. “-L’Etat prélève 10 milliards d’€ d’impôts et les dépense en services sociaux : ça fait 10 milliards de PIB-L’Etat ne prélève pas ces impôts, et les contribuables les dépensent eux-mêmes pour avoir les services en question : ça fait toujours 10 milliards de PIB ! Et les contribuables n’ont ni plus ni moins d’argent pour consommer autre chose !”Vous avez parfaitement raison. Sauf que : aujourd’hui il les dépense sans les prélever, c’est ça la DETTE ! Le même argent est dépensé 2 fois…

  51. I have that same nerf gun on my desk at work. I have observed that the "cha-chunk" sound made when cycling rounds during rapid followup shots has a profound psychological impact on the subject of my darty attention.

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  53. Isaura M. Brito / Stereophonics esteve no Brasil em 18/11/10 no Citi Bank Hall,assisti ao Show.Infelizmente para eles estavam competindo na mesma semana com Paul(ex-Beatles),passou sem alarido, mas , foi absolutamente maravilhoso o Show. O Kelly com sua voz rouca e impecável,preenchia todo o ambiente,aliás ,a grandiosidade do talendo dele(kelly)preenche qualquer espaço.Sou MEGA fã do Stereophonics e em qualquer país que vier aqui pela A.L. não perco por nada.Pena que eles ainda não ocuparam o verdadeiro lugar que de fato MERECEM.

  54. ça me rappelle un ancien post sur le réchauffement climatique où un coiffeur disait « y’a plus de saison… »… le rush explique cela…

  55. Oops, typo above. It should read “…except that they say it [prevenient grace] is resistible.”Jack, going by Jim’s suggestion to google the phrase “prevenient grace”, I learned that it’s the Arminian/Wesleyan answer to “irresistable grace” (been around a very long time)! Fraternal twins really.

  56. Hi! Kimberley, as a husband of nearly 35 years and the father of 4 daughters I agree that a happy woman is a happy mom. A happy mom is the key to a happy world.Keep up the great work!Greg Devlin

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  58. , the easy way of not creating confusion (or at least not adding to it) would have been not to rename the station on the first place.I am also puzzled at the implication that the blessings users of the station may enjoy has anything to do with the shipping centre. On the very rare occasions I go there now, I am struck by how remarkably unchanged it is from my memories when it was my local station in the 1960s.

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  62. Kimberly Daniels is not qualified for public office because she is stupid, ignorant, superstitious, and bigoted. And now the NBPP rushes to her defense simply because she is black. So the message is that a black person is entitled to be immune from criticism by a white person, and that “the consequences will be severe” if that entitlement is violated.

  63. You are listed as the Parish Church of St. Anne with St. Faith. Was there a St. Faith’s Church in Wandsworth or perhaps St. Faith is just an area of Wandsworth?I am researching family history and Wandsworth St. Faith appears in a number of the records I have found on line. I would be very grateful if you could educate me on this small matter, thanking you in advance, regards, Colin.

  64. What actually does Delonte bring to the table that Blake doesn’t? He can take his man off the dribble, maybe a better defender. Blake is a better shooter and they both have recent injury history. I was pushing for West, Foye, Brewer as Kobe’s backup before we got Meeks. But instead of FO upgrades now let’s upgrade the on court play. Mike Brown is on the clock.I’m not sure how West calling out Kobe in film study would go over either.

  65. Hi Trish! Nice to “meet” you I’m very familiar with Green Acres! My fiance Matt and I live out south at the moment, so Whole Foods and TJ’s are our usuals, but when we move further north in a couple months, Green Acres is likely to become one of our regular grocery stores. Stop me and say hi if/when you see me there! They’ll be carrying when it comes out in March, right? If so, maybe I should hold a book signing there!Raw desserts are where it’s at! May I suggest my famous and ?

  66. Tycker det ser bra ut för att vara första gången. Hon kommer att njuta av simningen när ni kört några pass .En bra kombinationen på träningen att simma. Bara mina arbetstider lugnar ner sig efter jul/nyår ska jag också låta Lukas o Nova simma .Tror du får visa mig hur du lägger upp film Ses snart!! Kram!

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  68. I don't mind if she takes a particular line, as long as she doesn't go beyond the evidence. If it is ambiguous, more honest to say so than promote an agenda by stating something (to the viewing public) which may be debatable. I've no axe to grind about the role of women in early Christianity; I just don't want to see evidence selectively chosen to support a thesis – Mary Murray's Witch Cult in Western Europe is a classic example of that. I'd hope that modern historians can do better.

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  70. Fear is a huge problem for most writers. I also wish I had focussed more — and pushed a bit harder. I realize now that I could have been pitching the same magazines I write for now three years ago. I was definitely good enough. Just not confident enough. These days I have to keep reminding myself that I should be pitching Outside, NatGeo Traveler, and Smithsonian. Realistically, my writing is good enough for them, but I always put it off because of self-doubt.I checked out your site. It looks really good! Where are you now?

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  72. Yeha – happy to discover I am in good company. It is terrible when I feel I have to blog instead of the words tumbling out of me as a kind of personal therapy! And it seems to be happening more and more…Mark´s last post [type] ..

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